Asphalt batch mixing plant

AsphaltGo product is a comparatively new product technologically get advanced in 1995 through the invention of new polymer technology since product helps to lay roads and streets so most cities and rural areas are getting developed. In all equipment’s number of processes go on as per their manufacture and according to the specifications Asphalt is mixed with its co-products and concretes are made which help to lay streets and road strongly.

Advantageous features of Asphalt batch mixing plant

All of our machinery has high performance, fully dependable and completely automatic control with PC, printer, PLC, and an operating room. LBM-2000XC creates 120 to 160 tons of Hot Mix Asphalt per hour. And LBM-2500XC makes about 160 to 200 tons of Hot Mix Asphalt per hour which is sufficiently available as high quality. Five cold collective feeders are also present for storage purpose, hot elevator system lift the hot aggregate into the mixing tower where the complete mixing process goes successfully and their capacity varies on the kind of plant. Our company was having 5 deck vibratory screen which rapidly screens for asphalt plants with numerous deck facility with high field verified Parker Rapid tending vibrating screen and obtainable as portable units for various plants. The complete system of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant comprises of a Cold Collective System Supply. The whole machinery had a Drier and Heater systems, hot aggregate Bucket storage plant, Screening and Storage container System and Balancing Metering System. Each plant has a separate mineral filler storage as well as supply system, chief mixing apparatus and dust collecting system.

Types of apparatus used in Asphalt batch mixing plant

The mixer type used in Asphalt batch mixing plant is twin shaft and the weight capacity of main mixer is about 2000 kg. The type of drying drum used is cylindrical titled and maximum drying capacity ranges about can leads from 3% to 5% moisture. The mixing process goes on smoothly and in a correct way the products are mixed and collected in separate storage tanks. More than 300 staffs are working in various section they are well-trained and each staffs do their job powerfully. Concrete mixing plant is used here for mixing concrete. In this unit weighing scale for fly ash, cement water and additive are separately used. Here transfer belt used in order to transfer the mixed concrete from one plant to another which comes as Profound Bucket Type. Mixer motor is present to mix concrete and other combinations so a best AsphaltGo product is gained.

Stabilized soil mixing plant is an important plant used for stabilizing the since it produces stabilized soil with dissimilar grading which are used for highway road construction or public road projects. It is highly beneficial since having High productivity than another plants and also suitable for large scale nonstop operation. It has a water tank, Aggregate Hooper, powder silo, Arch breaking device and conveyer for transporting water and powders. Asphalt storage tank is a major system which has drying, heating system, Mineral Filler Storing and Supplying System also aggregate supplying systems.

Advantages of concrete mixing plant

Concrete mixing plant used in AsplantGo product is stationary type and so it well mix the concrete that are perfect for high volume concrete manufacture necessities, for long-standing building projects used in the same location. Stationary Concrete Mixing Asphalt Plants are idyllic for mix and stores concrete available with electronic panel such as elective host computer such as SICOMA, BHS, TEKA, etc. It has high manufacturing performance and easy for maintenance. Only low operating cost is needed so small business owners can easily use this. This Asphalt mixer is free from resistance and suitable for any climatic condition.