About us

Our company was best in supplying Asphalt go products for more than nearly 10 years with continuous advance and growth also we are founded in 2005. With these recent few years we have achieved a good position in international market and at the present developed into a finest regional groupings economy as its chief body. With annual sales of over a hundred million, is occupied in a number of regions of highway equipment, machinery leasing, sales and the list on. Predominantly we have top most construction machinery equipment and our manufacturing has made significant progress that has occupied a foremost rank in the national industry. Production plant for Asphalt is more than 30,000 square meters, our office location and living space is about 7,000 square meters, the technical research buildings are in Wuxi advanced Park with more than 1,000 square meters.

In our company more than 300 employees are working in various sections including 50 R and D staffs, products sale in more than 20 outlying areas and cities crossways the country, our best quality products are also shipped to South Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa also for other countries which have made excellent contributions for laying local roads and the development of metropolis at the same time we have won the common praise and established a respectable image for the Asphalt Go brands. Our company’s main product line includes LBM series asphalt mixing equipment, WDT series stabilized soil mixing plant, viable concrete mixing equipment, oil heating asphalt equipment, adapted asphalt equipment, and combined asphalt equipment, container removal equipment and building of large transportation depot road manufacture machinery and other connected products. Specially we are manufacturing products and selling them to clients with the right policies of improvement and opening up, particularly under the factory administration supervisory principle of advances its own core knowledge, intelligent property privileges. Our company pursues technological inventions which made a number of original technologies.