concrete mixing plant HZS-180

  • Stationary Concrete Mixing Plant are ideal for high capacity concrete production requirements, for long-term construction project in the same location.

Features & Benefits :
  • Plants also available in 25 / 35 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 m³/hr capacity.

  • Equipped with Pan / Planetary / Twin Shaft Mixer.

  • Operation through Fully Automatic Electronic Control Panel.

  • Optional host computer: SICOMA, BHS, TEKA, etc.

  • High Production Performance

  • Easy Maintenance and Low Operating Cost

Plant Type HZS-180
Productivity (Standard Working Condition) 180 m³/hrr
Main Mixer Model MAO4500/3000
Output Capacity 3000 L
Mixer Motor 2×55 kw
Aggregate Volume 4×20 m³
Weighing Scale - Aggregate 8000 kg
Weighing Scale - Cement 1500 kg
Weighing Scale - Fly Ash 800 kg
Weighing Scale - Water 800 kg
Weighing Scale - Additive 100kg
Weighing Precision - Aggregate ±2%
Weighing Precision - Cement, Fly ash, Water, Additive ±1%
Total Installed Power ~310 kw
Transfer Belt Width (Deep Bucket Type) 3800 mm
Total Weight 110t

Concrete plant

We supply concrete plant that is stationary for allyour high concrete production needs. Many people in the construction industry are looking for concrete plant for sale that will meet these standards. Our concrete plant is the HZS-180 model that has the following features:

Various capacities, varying from 25 to 180m3 per hour

It comes with a twin shift mixer

Easy operation through Electronic Control Panel that is fully automated

Varieties of host computers to choose from. They include TEKA and SICOMA

Impressive performance for high production

Low cost of maintenance and highly affordable in terms of production

The concrete batching plant is importantequipment at our stable. This is the kind of equipment that you need for mixing various ingredients for concrete product ion. The ingredients in this case include silica fume, sand, aggregate, water, air among others. If you are looking for an ideal concrete batching plant near me, our concrete batch plant is available for you to buy. Some of the features you will find in this equipment include:

High performance

Aggregate feeders

High production per hour

Filler elevators

Air pollution system

Air compressor

There are morefeatures, the above being just a few of them. If you check on our website, you will find our wide range of concrete batch plants for sale. Our professionals are always ready to receive your call on phone number xxxxxxxxxx on your enquiry for any of our concrete plants. A concrete mixing plant is ideal for asphalt mixing. All our models are high performance and fully automated for all your concrete mixing solutions.

Our concrete plants for sale have been in the market for years; hence we have the expertise and skills in handling any concrete batch plant for sale that you might require. Do not hesitate to call us and get all the professional support that you might require.

Mobile concrete batch plant

Are you a contractor who is always on the move? Don’t lose the high profits and high production; our mobile concrete batch plant allows you to move around with lessequipment from one job site to the next. As a result of using our concrete batching plant, youwill have the following benefits:

Concrete production at site

As acontractor, you will have the benefit of producing concrete. This has the element of convenience and the obvious advantage cannot be overemphasized.

No transport cost

The transport cost will be potentially being reduced since you will not need to transport heavy equipment wherever you go. Our plant is self-erecting, mobile and self-contained. Talk to our professionals on standby to explain to you on the benefits of the mobile concrete batch plant.

Concrete has never been so cheap! With fuel costs eliminated, no need for cranes and no power source from outside, you will be able to erect and dismantle the concrete plant easily and be on the go. In summary, you need this kind of a plant if you want to be as close as possible to the site. As a result, you will save on fuel, costof transporting the heavy equipment as well as cost of labor. Our concrete batch for sale is highly mobile compared to concrete plants the world over. Contractors are aware of this advantage and hence come to us for advice on the types they should use for concrete and asphalt mixing. Do not be left out, talk to us for more details on the concrete batch plants for sale. Our salesmen will readily help you out.

Concrete mixing plant

What do you look for in a concrete mixing plant? Ideally, there are a number of features that are a must in such kind of a plant. These are as follows:

The materials used are high quality and for longer life for the components

Our mixing plant has a high production capacity hence suitable for huge construction sites

We have various options, namely the stationary, mobile and the semi-mobile versions

Customizable so that youcan use it to meet your needs.

Dry batch concrete plant

Also known as transit mix or customized dry batch plant, our standardized dry batch concrete plant is all that you need for ready-mixed concrete requirements. Contractors the world over have found the need to have all the ingredients charged into a truck mixer. In order to boost yourproductivity, you will need this customized mixer. The cement and water are directly mixed though in other cases, the water is batched at the dry batch concrete plant .The variation in the drum speed will largely determine the kind of transit mix you will have. Our experts will assist in finding the kind of mixedconcrete that is suitable for your site needs. As you will find out, many contractors are now looking for dust-free truckmixers. With our ideal dust collectors fitted in the concrete plant, you can be sure that the mixer will be dust-free.

Wet batch concrete plant

For the contractors who are looking for ready to mix concrete plants, they need not go far; the concrete plants near will be ideal for your site needs. Although the dry batch concrete plant has dominated the construction industry for long, it is not as cost effective as the wet batch concrete plant. There is every reason to go with this kind of concrete plant:

It offers the ready to mix concrete which is standard

The concrete produced is of very high strength

The quality is of very high quality

It takes a very short time to produce this kind of concrete

Saves on cost since you will have fully mixed concrete

No high speed mixing is needed before dispatching the concrete

The concrete is less permeable than dry concrete

Standard deviation in the production is reduced since the process can be repeated several times

Even if the personnel are not very keen, the errors are substantially reduced in the production process.

Research has further shown that wet batch concrete plant is ideal due to high workability, facilitates cement hydration without using higher amount of cement. With all these benefits, you wouldn’t think twice about using investing in wet batch concrete plant. Our experts will be ready to help you procure just the right concrete for salefrom ourwide range of selection. Call us today to learn more about the concrete plants at our disposal and how they will be beneficial to your site requirements.

Concrete batching plant for sale

Why should you get your concrete batching plant for sale from us? There are many reasons but we are only going to tell you the main ones. To begin with, we offer container shipment. Our delivery system is very fast. It will get to your site through shipping in a very convenient way. Secondly, you do not have to worry in case you do not how to fix or assemble it. Out team will offer you after-sale service and free technical advice that you might require.

Whether you are looking for the stationary, mobile or semi-mobile types, we have all these concrete batch plants for sale. We have decades of experience in concrete plants, hence you can count on to offer you quality, professional service.

Other reasons If you buy fromus, you can be sure to get the following additional benefits:

Varying capacity concrete mixers, typically from 20 -25m3 /hr.

High quality concrete plants for sale

Free installing

Customizable mixers

Various designs at no cost

Concrete mixer batching plant

OGetting a concrete mixer batching plant at a competitive price is not a dream any more, it is a reality. We are at the forefront in ensuring that we meet your site needs in a most affordable manner. If you are setting up a concrete plant, talk to us for expertise advice on the type, capacity andany other technical aspect of installing a mixing plant. We are a world leader in this area and therefore, will offer you excellent services.

Some vital aspects of the concrete mixer batching plant that you should includethe fact that the mixer is the main one. The others are twin shaft, singleshaft, tiltdrum, planetary and drum. Our experts will advise you more on the mixing technology and the automation requirements.

On site concrete batching plant

For the contractors who are looking for bespoke mixing range, we have what it takes to meet yourneeds. We are certified to offer guaranteed quality whichis not only consistent but usable in multiple applications. Our on-site concrete batching plant has a high production capacity and flexible enough to fit with other mixers like planetary mixers. We meet every demand, regardless of the size of your project: small, medium or large. If you are in need for an on-site concrete batching plant, do not hesitate to call us and us offer you tailored solutions for all your on-site concrete batch plant needs.

Stationary concrete batching plant

Exactly what are the benefits of acquiring a stationary concrete batching plant from us? We would say plenty. Sample this:

Our operation and maintenance costs are unbelievably low

The after-sale service is very fast

We offer spare parts service

We offer high performance concrete mixing plants

Free design and installation

Wide range of options available

Dry mix concrete plant

Our HZS-180 models are hugely popular for use in a dry mix concrete plant. Whether you have a fixed installation or a mobile one, we have all less than one roof. We are a market leader in the provision of the dry mix concrete plant and would only be too glad to help you.