stabilized soil mixing plant WCB-600

  • Stationary Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant produces stabilized soil with different gradings, for highway construction or municipal road project etc.

Features & Benefits :
  • High productivity

  • Suitable for large scale continuous operation

Plant Type WCB-600
Productivity 600 t/hr
Water Tank Volume 10 m³
Aggregate Hopper 4 × 20 t
Arch Breaking Device 1 × 20 t
Powder Silo 2 × 70 t
Conveying capacity for powder 0~100 t
Conveying capacity for Water 0~40 t/hr
Batching Precision (Aggregate) ±1.0%
Batching Precision Powder ±0.5%
Batching Precision Water ±0.5%
Total Power 149 KW
Dimension 45×6 m²

Asphalt-oil-mixing plant

Municipal road projects as well high constructions have one thing in common: they all require an asphalt –oil-mixing plant. In simple terms, these are machines used stabilized soil mixing. Our company is at the forefront in the provision of such aplant. With a capacity of about 600t/h, you can count on the plant to be highly productive. Besides, it comes with the following advantages:

Factory price, meaning that you do not have to incur high cost to buy one

More than one option to choose from i.e. the mobile and stationery ones

Customizable features

Timely delivery advantage; no delays

High-end technology

The stabilized soil plant comes in two main types. We have the portable one, though its production compared to the stationary one. The latter, though less flexible, has been hailed for its high production capacity.

A stabilized soil plant contains the aggregates of lime, coalash, soil and sand which are then loaded on a machine and then to a mixing equipment. The stabilizers like lime and cement are then added to the mixer before delivery to warehouse for storage purposes. We understand how important stabilized soil plant is and that is why we are highly respected internationally in the provision of such high quality plant to a contractor.

Stabilized soil mix plant

If you are looking for a stabilized soil mix plant, do not just accept a quote with perusing through features or services offered. We have distinguished ourselves in the following areas:

after-sale service for all overseas supplies

superior technical support on a 24/7 basis Containerized PLC control system

superior performance

over 15 years’ experience and expertise in this field

unmatched quality service

unbelievably low price

high capacity of over 150m3/hr.

variety of plant options available

ISO certified

Stabilized soil mixing plant

A stabilized soil mixing plant is important because it is widely used in the building and construction industry. Next time you see a perfectly done airport base, road or a highway, just know that a stabilized soil mixing plant has been involved in the project. There are mainly two types of the plant that you will be looking at. The first one is the stationary type and the other one is concrete stabilized soil mixing plant. For the stabilized soil mixing plant, the highlights are as follows:

Preferred due to the high performance

Comfort during the operation of the plant

Superbly high efficiency

Used mainly for modern production

The additional advantages include:

Accurate batching With this kind of plant, one can have a higher level of accuracy compared to conventional production

Even mixing If you want to have an even mixing, thestationary soil mixing plant is the best choice because every mixing is done at one point.

Saves on material The plant is suitable in as far saving on material is concerned. It is in other words cost –effective.

Production This plant is hailed for its high production capacity.

Centralized operation and control Operations can be controlled both manually and automatically hence adding to convenience even on harsh environment.